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Thanks to WebResults I had to double my workforce to keep up with the amount work i'm getting in from Adwords - Just Green Landscaping
I love the the beautifull background and complimenting site design created from our own photos - Cape Riding Horse


Welcome to our quick and deadly Web Results Company Home Page we whipped-up in Artisteer and WordPress.

This is what we do best…

Using proven web technologies, the infinite resources of the vast interweb and our own unique quipy style to host, build and promote functional websites that effectively puts your product to market.
We deliver Web Results!

WebResults is a Certified Google Partner and we adhere to Google’s Third-Party Policy

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – we do this – your page will show up in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) – In other words: We put you on the first page of Google.
  • Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing – we give your money to these companies and they show your ads to your target audience – Extremely Effective! Contact us for a free voucher to get you started.
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools – we track every visit, click and a lot of other stuff for your amusement and to measure your Return On Investment (ROI).
I’m very classic and structural. I love clean lines and interesting, modern details. But I’m all about being streamlined – less is more. Nina Garcia
Less is more. If you have it inside, you don’t need to show too much. People pick up on things. Sigourney Weaver
Less is more. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe